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Hmm, I’m thinking again about to be a tattoo artist… Need a proper studio to learn…Shouldn’t be that hard to find a good one in Hamburg, but I have to figure out how to manage my financial situation.

What do you think?


Hey everyone Hazardous here,

Fun question for you guys! Who do you “ship” in the Witcher series? Be it in the books or games!

Mine are: GeraltxYen for the obvious reason. Seriously there is so much sass between them I cannot.

GeraltxTriss. Can’t help it.

I also enjoy (and I know it’s weird)…

IowerthxVernon, GeraldxRittersporn :D I adored GeraldxYen in the first short story collection :D

CahirxCiri is my favourite from the book, I was so sad when I finished the last one.

*edit: Rittersporn = Dandelion. The germann translation would sound too cute and not manly enough xD

  German translation for "I didn’t quite catch what you said" (via sleazeculture)

(via neonpastelnina)


Oh my *_*

Thank you?! (what’s happening here :D)